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Planning Stage

After the project has been defined and the project team has been appointed, you are ready to enter the second phase.

We providing free consultation about interior quality, space, budget and etc but it is free for all.

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By exploring our client’s goals, priorities, lifestyle, and tastes, we capitalize on the unique qualities of each place.

We take the initiative to save our earth and design in such a way which is elegant in looking being ECO friendly.

We’re a whole different kind of architectural firm by bringing transcendent environments to a real world situation.


Committed to delivering high quality projects and innovate design solutions with the serenity that is expressed by design.

about our company

We are a reputed firm providing construction and interior design services. We hold expertise in creating designs that can offer value to our customers. Our interior design can truly elevate the spirit as well. Our team strives to come up with the best energy and money saving techniques.



Working Hours

One Century Design (OCD) is devoted to design and craft quirky yet superior furniture that go well beyond the standard living experience”

OCD specializes in extensive turnkey interior fit-outs with the highest standard of workmanship where extreme care is taken for minute details. Be it from wall-to-wall or ­floor to ceiling, we deliver quality joinery, and special luxury finishes to our clients, including doors and frames, metal works and timber paneling. In addition to our own joinery operations, we are supported by prominent suppliers worldwide, ensuring that all client requirements are met efficiently.

“To help our customers to make their space into flawless homes and offices by giving the best in this time by delivering exceptional design ideas and solutions.”

Moreover, we are passionate about our services. Every project we undertake we approach with a renewed enthusiasm and excitement. Over the years we have worked on an array of beautiful properties including offices for well-known firms, chain stores, shopping centers and many other commercial and residential properties.

We envision a strong relationship with our clients that last beyond a single project. Our team full of experts possesses a lot of multi-talents having extensive and deep experiences in variety of aspects of the architecture and interior design disciplines with prestige of design background. We always look beyond the bounds to discover exhilarating and remarkable possibilities.